My (former) roommates life in boxes (015)

New speakers? (014)

All of the technology (013)

Snowfall (012)

All wrapped up (011)

Evening tea (010)

Turns out I do remember how to do a karnaugh map (009)

Light reading (008)

Sunrise (007)

Apparently January is home automation month (… again). Prettied up my dining nook light (006)

Remote security camera (005)

Stickers! (004)

Reorganized (and dusted!) my mini network shelf on top of the closet (003)

I may have a slight home automation addiction (002)

This took way more tetrising than I anticipated (001)

25 minutes of elbow grease to desticker my old laptop, hurray. (Pro-tip: where possible, peel the old sticker off instead of scraping. Leaves less adhesive residue)

Imported all my pics from Instagram to here – time to double down on owning your own corner of the web, I think.

Found some fall colors

Hello, New York

This watch looks pretty nice on a leather band