Preparing my old 9.7” iPad Pro for someone else means destickering it, ah well.


I still have an envelope full of stickers, too. Obviously I need to buy more products to put them on… 😬

More laptop stickers, including the stickers that came a few days ago 😊

Cutting board (036)

Coffee clock (035)

Added some led strips to the bar (034)

Miniature krakens (033)

Surprise snow (032)

Part of the office is organized, at least (031)

Magnet (030)

Memories (029)

Cable management (028)

Pipes (027)


Barbecue (025)

Here we go again …(024)

I got some new Schiit for my living room audio setup (023)

And the living room is (mostly) done (022)

New bar (021)

New TV stand (020)

Stack of IKEA (019)

☕️ (018)

Dinner at the local “dive bar” (017)

Cleaning what will be my office soon (016)